Important to know

Let’s start with the answer to the main question – What is tamoxifen?

  • This drug is considered to be one of the most popular medications used to date in dealing with such a pathological condition like breast cancer. It is called the “gold standard” when it comes to breast cancer prevention at the fairer sex, who have seen positive receptors as progesterone and estrogen.

Exactly how this medicine works?

  • Experts managed to establish that the cells of malignant tumors often marked proteins, which tend to enter into relationship with the female sex hormones, thus provoking a strengthening of the growth of tumor cells. By tamoxifen can not lock these protein components and, consequently, to stop the further spread of cancer. How is it possible to identify the sensitivity to the drug?

To determine the sensitivity of the components of the pharmaceutical agent, it is advisable to pass a special analysis of cancer, which determines how to progesterone receptors, and estrogen. What is the reaction called “flash”?

  • At first, the course of therapy with this medication is quite possible the emergence of “signs of worsening disease.” Such signs can be attributed as hot flushes and general weakness and pain in the bones or in the chest. It is this phenomenon is called “flash”. In most cases, the severity of these symptoms gradually goes to “No”. A very large number of patients perceive this phenomenon as a very strong side reaction of the organism to the drug, which in turn encourages them to reject his application. Do not make hasty conclusions. For starters get expert advice, who can confirm or deny your suspicions.

How should I take this medicine?

  • Tamoxifen can be administered both before and during and after a meal, while squeezed tablet of small amount of liquid medicament.

Can I replace the medication by a drug with fewer complications?

  • In fact, there is such a drug – is toremifene. He is a second-generation medication and endowed with fewer adverse reactions. If the woman is menstruating completely absent, then it can take the help and medication from the group of aromatase inhibitors. Among the medicaments of this kind can be ranked as a Femara and ekstrazu, Arimidex and some other medicaments. In the case of the menstrual cycle, experts opt for these medicines like buserelin, Zoladex goserelin and others.

What are the benefits of this medication?

  • The most important advantage it is considered that the drug is really highly effective in relation to breast cancer. Moreover, it is also available a vast array of people.

What are the disadvantages?

  • The most important drawback is considered to be its large number of side effects.